Holidays are here with words from overseas

Holidays are here with words from overseas

It’s July – peak holiday season for many and Sheffield is summery and sunny (as I type, at least).

I’m not set to jet off for my break til probably autumn this year, but this has not dampened my seasonal spirits.

In fact, this month’s Wordsmith’s World has been inspired by holidays and travel as I’ve been looking at words from overseas I think we should import - in particular, the German term ‘FERNWEH’.

Translated it means ‘the longing for far-off places’ and is one of many terms in this Buzzfeed list of 21 Perfect German Words We Need In English.

Among the other terms that caught my eye were ‘GEBORGENHEIT’ which is a mixture of being cosy, safe and warm and sounds not unlike the Danish term ‘HYGGE’.

I discovered the concept of hygge while on a city break to Copenhagen last year and it inspired a blog then so this is not the first time travel has inspired me to seek out and gather new words from foreign shores.  

Many people who are off on their holidays will be hoping to shift a bit of their ‘HUFTGOLD’ before they hit the beach.

Meanwhile sipping cocktails and tipples in tropical locations may well lead to the odd ‘SCHNAPSIDEE’ for holidaymakers.

As for me, while I remain UK-based, I’ll start planning my great escape in the autumn.

And I’ll try and keep the overseas vibes alive by ensuring I don’t start using ‘annoying’ English slang by referring to how many ‘sleeps’ to go until my ‘holibobs’…