Going digital at the dogs!

Going digital at the dogs!

​Everyone knows greyhounds are built for speed, but how do they compare to the world’s fastest man over 100 metres – Usain Bolt?

To coincide with the 2017 World Athletics Championships which took place recently in London, we came up with the idea of creating a motion graphic for our client Owlerton Greyhound Stadium to showcase just how fast greyhounds are.

Pitching Usain against a greyhound the graphic shows how quickly they each cover 100m – and who knew that the greyhound would come out so easily on top?!

Motion graphics can be a great innovative format to use to get your message across in an engaging yet simple way and it’s something that we are doing more and more of for our clients.

Social media is also a huge part of our day to day work now and we wanted to use it to highlight one of Owlerton’s most popular events – Ladies Day. To do this, we teamed up with Graham Walker from the Sheffield Star, who donned his best tie to head down to the stadium for a Facebook Live broadcast.

Graham gave audiences a real feel for the atmosphere in the stadium and spoke to people around the venue about the excitement of the event. During the evening, the Owlerton Facebook feed was viewed 7,500 times and had a reach of 120,000 in just a matter of hours

Facebook Live is becoming a hugely valuable tool for our clients to utilise, with the potential audience reach huge.

Here at HRM we’re always looking for different ways to work with our clients - and for Owlerton Greyhound Stadium we have been doing just that!