Happy 20th to us!

Happy 20th to us!

By Martin Ross

​The inbox of my laptop has been rather more active than usual.

I should not have been surprised.

Kind people were sending messages marking my 20th work anniversary (as LinkedIn likes to call it).

Well, I wish I was still in my 40s!

The truth is that the messages were acknowledging the birth of HR Media back in the summer of 1997.

Also, they are a clear illustration of just how far communications have come in two decades of running a PR company in the heart of the Sheffield City Region working with many varied individuals, companies and organisations.

I am very proud of the achievements of HR Media, launched with my now retired business partner and close friend Alison Hurndall – she’s the H bit in HR Media, I’m the R!

There have been plenty of special personal moments along the way.

I still recall the Chairman of Westfield Health Graham Moore and I dressed in our hospital scrubs (pictured above) walking into a hospital theatre in connection with a charity presentation – one of many we have worked on over the years for Westfield, a remarkable organisation that always puts health and wellbeing first.

Then there was the time when I got to play football with the world’s greatest player at the home of football. Brazilian star Pele was at mid-point in a photoshoot and media call at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane stadium we were handling, when he encouraged me to put down the football I was carrying across the pitch and we started a passing game between ourselves. I wonder how many others can say they have played the beautiful game with Pele!

The city’s wonderful sporting facilities operated by Sheffield International Venues have featured regularly as the backdrop for significant community and elite events profiled by HR Media, from the School Games to last year's memorable Celebration of Sport – featuring the city’s own Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and world boxing champion Anthony Joshua, who have both trained at the English Institute of Sport.

These highlights and others could not have happened without the team that is and has been HR Media. Inevitably, just like communications technology, it has changed and evolved over the years but at the core one thing has remained constant - HR Media delivering effective, hard work for our clients.