Happy Yorkshire Day!

Happy Yorkshire Day!

​‘Ey up, It’s Yorkshire Day!

An opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the northern county’s finest qualities. From rural countryside and honeypot sites to the infamous (and often stereotypical) staple foods like Yorkshire puddings, and fish and chips, Yorkshire has proven itself to be a British entity.

Here at HR Media we love and appreciate Yorkshire for all that it is, and so to mark this occasion we have compiled a list of all of our favourite things about Yorkshire! 

Martin Ross - MD 

  1. ​Sheffield United 
  2. Yorkshire cricket
  3. Yorkshire puddings 
  4. Helmsley
  5. Moors and dales

Richard Fidler - Account Director

  1. Cricket – needs little explanation other than it borders on a religion in the county and we produce the best players in England!
  2. Whitby – fall a little bit more in love with Whitby every time I visit. Great fish and chips and lots of cosy little pubs.
  3. Sense of humour – yes, we do have one. It’s not our fault no one from down south understands our dry wit.
  4. York – so much history and the one place where people from around the county all generally have a good word to say about.
  5. Rotherham – born, raised and lived in Sheffield for 30 years but Rotherham is now where I am proud to call the family home.

Susan Waple - Operations Director 

  1. ​Sheffield
  2. Yorkshire pudding
  3. Betty's Tearoom 
  4. Yorkshire coastline
  5. The people

Allie Dransfield -  Senior Account Manager

  1. The people – we are the friendliest in the world
  2. Yorkshire puddings – preferably with sausages and gravy
  3. Yorkshire accent – I am super proud of mine!
  4. Yorkshire sense of humour - we are so funny! 
  5. The Yorkshire Dales & Yorkshire Coastline - its fantastic to have the combination of rolling hills and stunning coastline 

Ellie Head - Account Manager

  1. The national parks and beautiful countryside – there’s always more to explore
  2. How friendly everyone is – people are super friendly in Yorkshire
  3. The county’s history – there are so many amazing castles and incredible ruins each with its own story
  4. Another of my favourite things is that I can have my friends from London to stay and they feel like they’re on a relaxing break away – I love showing them all the wonderful things Yorkshire has to offer
  5. And lastly I do love Yorkshire tea too - I’m a total convert!

Simon Waller - Account Manager

  1. The great outdoors - there are so many beautiful green spaces in Yorkshire. I try and spend as much time in the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors as I can.
  2. The people - Yorkshire folk are some of the funniest and friendly people in the world.
  3. The food - Yorkshire pudding, need I say more.
  4. History - There's so much great history in Yorkshire. From Celts to Romans to Vikings there's so much to learn and discover.
  5. Sport - Some of the greatest British athletes have come from Yorkshire. Fred Truman, Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Brownlee brothers, Joe Root, the list goes on. We have world class venues right across the region, and let's not forget without Sheffield we wouldn't have football.

Jill Theobald - Copywriter and Content Manager

  1. ​Sheffield - I came to the city to go to university many, many moons ago and it has been home ever since. Quite simply, my fave place.
  2. Green spaces - Yorkshire has so many incredible parks, green spaces and places to explore – I’m nowhere close to visiting them all.
  3. Music - The birthplace of so many diverse bands from Sheffield’s Def Leppard, Arctic Monkeys and Pulp, to Leeds’ Kaiser Chiefs and Sisters of Mercy, Scarborough’s Little Angels, and York’s Shed Seven to name but a few.
  4. People - As a southerner I can definitely say it is true in my experience that people are friendlier up north – plus Yorkshire is home to many of my fab friends and, of course, my cracking colleagues!
  5. Food - From Hendo’s relish to the Yorkshire pudding, not to mention all of the amazing eateries across the region that serve delicious dishes from all over the world.

Joe Bamford - Account Executive 

  1. Sheffield: A broad one for my first choice but this fantastic city goes straight in at number one. Since first moving north to Sheffield five years ago, it’s a place which has placed itself firmly as my second home – it feels like I’ve lived here all my life!
  2. Smoke BBQ: This is, and will probably always be, my favourite restaurant. It first started in Sheffield and has since opened up in Leeds and Glasgow, too, so the Smoke BBQ love is clearly spreading fast.
  3. Crookes, Sheffield: Again, another Sheffield choice…You can see the theme developing here. I’ve lived in Crookes since moving out of student halls after first year of university and it’s got everything you could ever need from a city centre suburb, with the addition of some fantastic views over Sheffield and the Peak District.
  4. Being so close to the Peak District National Park: Ok, so a large portion of this isn’t in Yorkshire – but who cares, because ever since coming to Sheffield I’ve always wanted to explore the peaks even further. Castleton and Hathersage remain high on the list of my favourite places, with Bakewell not far behind.
  5. Bramall Lane: I’ve grown up a Manchester United fan, but in my time in Sheffield I’ve certainly leant to the red and white side of the city. Having a football club on my doorstep is something of a novelty to me and working closely with the club over the past few years means I’m never far from the home of Sheffield United.

So there it is, our top things about the county we call home. And with that being said, Happy Yorkshire Day!