2 + 2 = PR!

2 + 2 = PR!

By May Loonam 

​One sure way to make a student approaching their final year of University crumble with fear is by asking the question – “so, what are your plans when you’ve finished your degree?”

Well, friend of my mum who I can’t really remember the name of (and yes, I know, I have grown!) not that long ago I would have only been able to answer that question with a series of “erms” while making other small talk.

I started my Journalism Studies degree at the University of Sheffield back in 2014 thinking that I wanted to pursue a career in traditional journalism. It is a very respected career path, but for me something always felt missing.

I started to hit a point where I felt the imminent pressure to decide what I wanted to do, coupled with a sense of frustration. I sat myself down, notebook in hand (us student journalists have it engrained in our heads to always have one to hand!) and started researching my other options.

I’d been working on promoting events and maintaining relationships with local businesses before, as I have been working part-time within the Careers Service at the University. I love many aspects of my course, and I love my part-time job, so I put two and two together and got PR.

I jumped at the opportunity of gaining some work experience at HR Media and I feel I have learned so much about the PR industry by actually having a go and seeing it in action.

I was made to feel welcome from the moment I stepped through the door, and I didn’t feel like a student on a placement, but a part of the team. 

I was encouraged and supported throughout the week and everyone was more than happy to help me. I felt nervous at the start, but, as well as picking up new skills, I’ve definitely improved my confidence.

I’ve found an industry where I can combine the skills I have learned on my course, with my love of events management, social media and communication.

So, friend of my mum - and anyone else who wants to ask me - yes, I do know what I want to do after university. I want to pursue a career in PR.

Thank you, HR Media!