A PRetty great opportunity with HR Media

A PRetty great opportunity with HR Media

By Tom Butler 

​As my eight-week placement with HR Media draws to a close, I feel as if this is a perfect opportunity to reflect on my experience as an Intern.

If I’m going to be totally candid - before starting my placement at HR Media, I wasn’t actually too sure as to what the company did. Furthermore, I didn’t understand much at all in the way of the Public Relations industry.

As a Politics student, however, I know that more than 13 per cent of graduates in my subject who go straight into work after university enter the fields of PR, Marketing or Sales.

Because of this statistic, I felt gaining any more knowledge about this prospective career path could only be a good thing. Now that my time at HR is coming to an end, I can safely say I definitely made the right choice in placement.

Putting aside for a moment the cold logic behind my time at HR Media, while the work was more than engaging, the people truly make the company what it is.

As a student coming from a part-time retail background, I was quite nervous coming into an office environment for an intensive period. But as a began my placement, the team didn’t give me the chance to be apprehensive in any way. They immediately made me feel as if I was a genuine part of things and almost from the outset my nerves disappeared.

At the start of my placement, while I knew it would be a positive experience as a whole, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy the structure of a full working week for two months. But now I am leaving HR Media, I don’t want to go.

The amount I have learned about the industry while being here, is all totally secondary to the hopefully lasting connections I’ve made. I expected to gel with people, but I can safely say that not only am I leaving this company as a more well-rounded student, I am also leaving with a new set of friendships.

I would encourage any and all undergraduate students to apply for an internship with HR Media.