HRMs top places to enjoy the sun in Sheffield

HRMs top places to enjoy the sun in Sheffield

​With Sheffield basking in sunshine and with forecasts predicting it’s here to stay, here at HR Media we give you our favourite places in Sheffield to go when trying to enjoy the summer weather.

Jill Theobald, Copywriter and Content Manager 

Manor Fields Park

I love Manor Fields Park. I had no idea about it until I moved to Arbourthorne but it really is a hidden gem. It’s a Green Flag Award-winning district park that’s managed as a naturalistic landscape, just a couple of miles from Sheffield City Centre. Within minutes of entering the noise of cars and trams from City Road disappears and you’re left to enjoy 24 hectares of parkland and wonderful wildflowers.

Isobel Buffin, Account Executive

I love the sunny weather and there’s no better place to enjoy it then in Sheffield, so I have quite a few places I love to be when it’s this hot.

Ecclesall Woods

Living right next to the woods is perfect, especially in the summer. I love taking my dog Dominofor walks and he enjoys this heat more than I do. There are lots of streams and shaded areas for him to cool down in so I don't have to worry about him overheating.

Stanage Edge

Whether it’s a glorious sunny day or raining cats and dogs Stanage Edge is always a great place to go, though in this heat you can appreciate the views it offers just that little bit more. I often go to watch the sunset or walk right across the edge which can be quite scary, and just chill watching the world (and sheep) go by.

Ladybower Reservoir

I love going to the Ladybower reservoir. It’s stunning and there is loads to do while you are there. I mostly just cycle round the reservoir or walk to the top of Win Hill. One time I walked to the top with my cousins and did headstands at the top!

Laura Metcalfe, Senior Account Executive 

Meersbrook Park

There’s lots of ace places to go in the sun in Sheffield, loads of beautiful parks and places to visit, though Meersbrook Park is my all-time favourite. It has one of the very best views in the city, you can see pretty much the whole of Sheffield. It's a really great spot to just take a picnic (with a couple of beers), and enjoy the sunset with your pals.

Ellie Morrell, Account Manager 

Peak District

My favourite place in the sun is anywhere out in the Peaks. With  the hot and sticky temperatures in the city, there seems to be more of a cool breeze out in the country. Anywhere where there’s lots of trees, flowers and green space and I’m happy to be honest . A cold beer in a pub garden is also pretty tempting as well!

Allie Dransfield, Account Manager 

Millhouses Park

Millhouses Park would be my place to go and enjoy the sunshine in Sheffield. It’s a lovely place to take a picnic with the kids and spend the day, and it’s my kids favourite place as well. 

Simon Waller, Account Manager – Video and Creative

Bramall Lane

Being a Sheffield United fan I love Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane whatever the weather, though there’s something about watching the Blades in the sunshine that means nothing can beat it. I remember when we played Chesterfield on the last game of the season when we won the league, the sun was shining, and it made an already memorable day even better.

Richard Fidler, Account Director 

Rutland Arms

My favourite thing to do in the sun is the same as most of the British public, being in a nice pub beer garden surrounded by friends. The Rutland Arms in Sheffield City Centre is a great old-fashioned pub with a nice little garden at the back that always seems to catch the sun. It’s not a rare sight to see me and the rest of the HR Media team having a drink or two there after work.

Joe Bamford, Senior Account Executive 

My favourite thing to do in the sun is just to chill somewhere outside, so I’ve narrowed mine down to the two best places to enjoy the sunshine in Sheffield.

South Street Park Amphitheatre

Mine would have to be the amphitheatre just up the hill towards Norfolk Park from Sheffield Station. Despite overlooking the hustle and bustle of the city centre and the train station it’s surprisingly quiet, with superb views across the city. A great lunch spot!

Bolehills Park

Bolehills Park at the top of Crookes is local to me and another great spot to sit and chill, either with a BBQ, a couple of beers or just for an evening run. It has fantastic views, and you are even able to see all the way out to Damflask Reservoir on the edge of the Peak District.