A future in PR?

A future in PR?

​By Charlotte Wickens

​Despite the fact that I’ve only just completed my first year at the University of Sheffield, immediately anyone hears that I’m studying English Literature they automatically assume I’m going to be a teacher. I once spent an entire twenty-minute taxi ride listening to the advice of my driver about teaching abroad - despite my repeated assertions that I wasn’t sure teaching was what I wanted to do. 

But what do I want to do? Ask any student this question and they immediately pale and start sweating, because the reality is, not many of us have a clue!

This summer I decided I was going to answer the unanswerable question - or at least attempt to. With this thought in mind I began applying to various companies who could potentially offer me work experience, which would hopefully give me more of an idea about the various jobs available to me (as we’re constantly reminded on my course, English Literature is the most employable degree!)

Now that my time at HR Media is coming to a close, I can safely say that I feel significantly enlightened about what a career in PR would entail, and it’s something I can see myself doing in the future.

As one of Yorkshire’s leading PR agencies being given the opportunity to complete work experience was a massive honour, as well as hugely exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. But I needn’t have been nervous. From the moment I walked in the door on Monday morning I was made to feel welcome.

I am well aware that having people in on work experience is a big undertaking for companies and can often be more of a hindrance than a help (I hope I wasn’t!) However, for the entire week I have been here the people at HR Media have made me feel like part of the team, rather than just a part-time interloper.

As well as being made to feel incredibly welcome, I have found myself undertaking a variety of tasks all of which have different and engaging. I have been busy blogging, researching for various projects and working with different elements of social media, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone at HR Media, both for giving me this fantastic opportunity and for being so friendly and welcoming. I learnt a lot of skills needed for PR and many skills which can be transferred ... whatever I decide to do as a career!