An absolute privilege to be part of the team

An absolute privilege to be part of the team

By Josh Taylor  

Before I walked into the HR Media office I was rather nervous. As with every new environment there is always that split second where you think it could end horribly.

But at HR Media I always felt like a valued member of the team and the work given to me, however small or big, felt important.

The rest of the office took no time in welcoming me and I’m thankful they put up with the plethora of questions I had to ask about the process of PR and marketing – even if I took up the role as a pestering intern most of the time!

The fact that this placement has been a success is a relief for me as I wanted to use my time at HR Media as a barometer to judge where I wanted to be in the future. With PR and marketing an avenue I have considered going down, my experience here has really swayed me and turned my head.

A massive factor as to why I’m now seriously considering a job in PR is the variety of work that goes on and I got to see how crucial every task is in the process of representing clients.

Those tasks have helped me develop a better understanding of brand representation on social media, while I feel my writing skills have improved tenfold – I feel I can concisely communicate my writing to a positive effect.

However, the highlight of my week was attending a networking event for unLTD, the business magazine which HR Media has launched with the Exposed magazine team. I spoke to everyone from young managing directors to events managers and learned a lot about the industry itself – it was a privilege to be able to attend.

I would recommend a placement with HR Media not just to people looking to go into PR but to anyone looking to improve as a writer or wanting to work in the media. I feel the skills I’ve learnt here have set me up nicely for the future and it was a pleasure to spend a week in the office.