Awards shortlist success for clients

Awards shortlist success for clients

We’re always proud of our clients, but we were ecstatic when we saw three of their names on the shortlist for the 2017 Sheffield Business Awards.

A nomination was given to Doordeals Ltd for the Sheffield Business School SME of the Year award, which had been open to small businesses with no more than 100 full time members of staff that displayed constant growth, outstanding financial performance and clear understanding of their market.

Doordeals has seen a rapid growth since its launch in 1971 into one of the leading independent online suppliers of timber doors, using their many years of knowledge to become the one-stop shop for customers across the UK.

Another lucky name selected was Millgate, for The High Growth Business of the Year Award that recognised organisations that displayed extraordinary growth in sales, profit, market share and jobs.

Millgate’s expertise in IT and communication solutions are available to 6000 customers nationwide, who they’ve acquired through their dedication towards delivering exceptional customer service to retain clients.

SCX Ltd meanwhile, scooped two nominations for their proficiency in mechanical handling and overhead lifting equipment.

Their first nomination was for the Simm Engineering Group Large Business of the Year Award, which was for large businesses of over 100 members of full time staff that had shown strong financial results and consistent growth.

Whilst the other highly-sought nomination, The Lupton Fawcett Innovation Award, was for any business that put Sheffield on the map by seizing the opportunity to put forward a radical new product or service to create a whole new marketspace.

However, it doesn’t quite end there, all three companies have also been automatically shortlisted for the all-star prize, The Outstanding Business of the Year award.

The prestigious awards ceremony itself, which is now in its 16th year, celebrates the achievements of any business with an “S” postcode with an exciting evening of celebrity guests, first-class entertainment and fine-dining.  

It will be held on the 7 December from 6.30pm until 2.00am at the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, tickets are available for purchase online now.

Of course, all that is left to do is send bucket-loads of encouragement from all of us at HRM – we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed!