The boring option? Not a chance

The boring option? Not a chance

​Whenever I’ve spoken to people about my journalism degree over the last three years, I’ve been greeted with a host of comments along very similar lines; ‘We’ll be seeing you on the news in a few years then!’ or ‘Expecting to see your name on the front pages in no time!’ or ‘Ooh you have got a good voice for radio actually’. 

Which is obviously very flattering. But then when I tell them I’m actually looking at a career in PR they all look a bit baffled. What does that stand for again?

I must admit I barely knew what Public Relations was when I first began my Journalism Studies degree in 2014 and thought it was the ‘boring option’ compared to journalism. But now I find myself pursuing a career in it.

And as my week-long placement at HR Media draws to an end, I’m convinced I’ve made the right decision.

What I’ve most enjoyed about this week is the feeling of contributing towards the bigger picture. So much more work goes in to PR behind the scenes than most people will ever realise and it’s immensely satisfying to see the team's hard work pay off; whether that be through positive feedback, a published news story or a well-received social media post.

It’s been fascinating to see the relationship between the HR Media team and their clients - it's taught me a lot about the industry.

I’ve found that working in PR isn’t actually that different from being a journalist; the core skills of being able to communicate in a variety of different ways are the same and an understanding of the media is essential.

But there’s no doubt that contributing towards an event or campaign which you genuinely care about and want to see succeed is exciting and gives you a buzz.

And that’s why I can’t wait to get stuck in to a career in the PR industry.