Cracking writer’s block – with constraint

Cracking writer’s block – with constraint

Crafting a different blog on copywriting every month for HRM’s e-newsletter is usually a real pleasure for this wordsmith.

Ordinarily I have a subject – or three or four – in mind and the only issue is finding the time in between writing my day-to-day client, magazine and web copy to type up that month’s missive.

Pity me, then, during the planning meeting for the May e-newsletter when my colleague Richard Fidler asked which subject I was writing Wordsmith’s World on … and I had to confess I was out of ideas.


What’s a wordsmith to do but be honest?

Richard joked I should write about writer’s block.

I laughed.

Then I remembered a blog from PR Daily about ‘exercises to shake off the writing doldrums’ that suggested sometimes a writer’s brain needs a workout by writing to a specific pattern.

I returned to it to discover a few terms I was aware of (alliteration, haiku) but also some I wasn’t, which involved imposing conditions or constraints on your writing.

Now I was enthused! So I decided to write this very blog using the acrostic method – and I chose the form in which the first letter of each paragraph forms a word of its own.

Got there in the end, don’t you think?!