An experience I never expected to have

An experience I never expected to have

By Louise Shelley

Over the past week I have been on work experience at HR Media, and to be honest I had no idea what a PR agency was. As a 17-year-old sixth form student I knew I had to think about my degree, but ultimately what I was going to do with that degree is a big and tricky decision.

With a passion for writing I knew Journalism would be well suited to me but being a journalist never really latched on to me. That’s where HR Media comes in.

My experience here has shown me that a degree in Journalism does not at all mean your only career option is to solely be a journalist, as many, including me, may have thought. It’s a fast-paced working environment with writing as a very prevalent day-to-day task.

This agency is the perfect combination of business, media and journalism. A business-like environment was something I never thought I’d enjoy but the team spirit and quirky and individual personalities of those that work here have changed the way I see office culture.  I found that I was welcomed in the office without much time to recognise my transition.

Work experience is something many students must do, to ensure that they further their career opportunities. Yet most of the work experience that is available to us is not helpful at all. We are left to do trivial assignments such as photocopying, coffee runs and looking through documents that have little or no meaning to us. And this is what I expected, come Monday.

But as a supportive agency, HR Media made sure that I experienced the full role as a member of their team - they worked on my weaknesses and gave me qualities that any workplace would want.

Though my time at the agency was short-lived I still gained skills I lacked as a student and would never have acquired from my part-time work.

The HR Media team cared about my dreams for the future and made sure I was working on the type of tasks I’m likely to be involved in my future career.

I was definitely not left to my own devices and never felt like I was a burden on the company.

This unique experience was something I was looking for without knowing it.

I would like to say thanks to everyone at HR Media for guiding me through this role and for being so supportive of my future goals - I’ve loved working with you!