Films of 1997

Films of 1997

​You probably already know that HR Media is celebrating its 20th Birthday this year. So, we thought what better way to reminisce about 1997 then to look back and chose our favourite films from that year.

Without further ado, here are the HR Media Team’s picks:

Martin Ross - MD 

Someone’s got to say it – The Full Monty (dir. Peter Cattaneo) – Sheffield was never the same.

Jack Nicholson was also very good in As Good as It Gets (dir. James L. Brooks).

Richard Fidler - Account Director

LA Confidential (dir. Curtis Hanson)– great actors and a great storyline. It’s a film I can watch every so often and not get bored by after half an hour!

Allie Dransfield -  Senior Account Manager

 It’s Titanic (dir. James Cameron) for me.

Absolute iconic film that I remember going to the cinema to watch as a teenager. I have since watched it many times over and could quote lots of scenes word for word! I’m flying, I’m flying Jack!

Jill Theobald - Copywriter and Content Manager

So much choice especially for a Pacino fan like me, as this was the year he was in both Devil’s Advocate (dir: Taylor Hackford) and Donnie Brasco (dir: Mike Newell).

But I’d have to go for Boogie Nights (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) – the first Paul Thomas Anderson film I saw and it remains one of his best.  

Laura Metcalfe, Account Executive

This was a very tough choice for me – there were a lot of brilliant films released in 1997 like The Fifth Element (dir: Luc Besson), Princess Mononoke (dir: Hayao Miyazaki) and Event Horizon (dir: Paul W. S. Anderson) but I think it will have to be Lost Highway (dir. David Lynch) for me!

One of my favourite films by David Lynch, Lost Highway is a modern noir thriller that takes you on a weird, dreamy journey. It’s a kind of murder mystery, kind of love story that doesn’t give up any answers easily – I love it. The soundtrack is also amazing!

Ellie Head - Account Manager

I think it has to be Austin Powers (dir. Jay Roach) for me. It made me laugh back in 1997 and it still makes me laugh now.

Susan Waple - Operations Director 

Full Monty (dir. Peter Cattaneo) – great film, great music and set in Sheffield. Still funny 20 years later.

Joe Bamford - Account Executive ​

I’d have to go with Good Will Hunting (dir. Gus Van Sant) – it’s the type of film that’s not normally my cup of tea but I just think it’s a brilliant film and one of the late, great Robin Williams’ best appearances.

Simon Waller - Account Manager

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (dir. Jay Roach).

Hannah Johnson, Senior Account Executive

Boogie Nights (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson).