HRM gets in gear for the World Cup!

HRM gets in gear for the World Cup!

​​The World Cup is quite literally on our doorstep, and this footie mad office has gone through each stage of the four-year World Cup cycle.

  • England crash out of the tournament – “Same as every year, why do we bother getting excited”
  • The next World Cup gets announced – “Get rid of the whole team and start again with young players”
  • England win a few games and qualify for the World Cup – “Well we’ve qualified but we won’t go anything and go out in the groups. I’m not getting excited”
  • World Cup year comes around – “We’ve played well in friendlies; we could be in with a chance of making the quarters this year”
  • World Cup week – “I’m absolutely convinced it’s coming home, now, help me put these flags on my car”

And with it all kicking off tomorrow in Russia, the office has gone into reminiscing mode, and have each offered their earliest memory of the World Cup:

Allie – “My earliest memory is from Italia 1990 and watching Cameroon’s Roger Milla’s world cup wiggle and famous goal celebrations – my sister and I use to love recreating his celebrations when we played football in the garden with our dad. I have also got fond memories of USA 1994 and staying up with my dad to watch the final – I will never forget Roberto Baggio’s penalty miss and his tears!”

Si – “I have very vague memories of Mexico 86. I remember my brother having a sticker album and him getting the ‘shiny’ of the tournament mascot Pique. I also remember my dad getting mad about Maradona‘s ‘hand of god’ goal.

But my clearest memories are four years later and Italy 1990.  Being able to stay up late to watch England West Germany in the semi-final and the heartache of the penalties.

Also, I remember Roger Milla of Cameroon and his wiggle celebration. Happy days.”

Els – “My earliest memory is pretty vague but I think it was England losing to Argentina in 1998 and I can picture my younger brother being in tears bless him! I can picture Beckham, Shearer, Owen and the likes and where I was at the time but not much else at all!”

Laura – “I’m not much for following the football, but I do remember being on holiday in Whitby during the 1998 World Cup. I was with my dad and my brother and England were playing so we weren’t allowed to go anywhere until the match was over – I had to pretend I knew what was going on. England won and for the rest of the evening everyone we walked past was really excited.”

Izzy – (We should help Iz with this one, so anything in brackets is not her!) “The only memory I have of the World Cup (2006) is when I was sat in the living room with my family and England were playing a match (England vs Portugal, quarter-finals) and I think it had gone into penalties and England missed it (to lose and be knocked out) and my brother, who is a very dedicated football supporter, stood up and burst into tears and ran upstairs to his room! I being the little annoying sister I was, I burst out laughing cause I couldn’t understand why someone would cry over football! 

Richard – “Can vaguely recall the 1982 World Cup but first proper memories are Mexico 86 with Gary Lineker scoring a hat-trick against Poland and Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ goal. Best game of the tournament was France v Brazil if I remember right!” 

Harry – “I think watching Ronaldinho whip that free kick over a flapping David Seaman in 2002 was my first memory. Watching it on a projector in my lower school hall and feeling the room deflate, never forget that feeling.”

Joe - "My earliest memories of the World Cup are sadly mainly about England losing – the biggest ones being Ronaldinho’s free-kick for Brazil sealing a 2-1 quarter-final win in Korea & Japan 2002, or Wayne Rooney being sent off (and Cristiano Ronaldo’s wink) during the quarter-final with Portugal in 2006 – which we inevitably lost on penalties.

I can vividly remember Ronaldo’s brace in the 2002 final taking the trophy home for Brazil against Germany as well – he could play a bit!

What are your first memories of the biggest event in football? Let us know on Twitter @HR_Media or on Facebook at and let us know how far you think the 3 Lions will go this summer!