HRM puts best paw forward with Greyhound Trust Sheffield

HRM puts best paw forward with Greyhound Trust Sheffield

We made use of video to bark about the fantastic work done by the Greyhound Trust Sheffield, in partnership with our client Owlerton Greyhound Stadium, which saw more than 100 dogs rehomed in 2017.

The Trust, which first partnered with Owlerton Stadium in 2002, helps to care for and reintegrate into everyday life dogs which have, for a variety of reasons, come to the end of their racing life at the track. time racing at the track.

Lynda and Roy Cattlin, Home Finder and Kennel Manager respectively at the Greyhound Trust Sheffield, run the charity and told us all about the stellar work that goes on at the Wortley-based Trust.

“It’s a lovely place to come up here,” said Lynda.

“It’s out of the city – some children have never been up here or never even seen animals or stroked them before.

“Our dogs are very well looked after – the team at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium are fantastic. Some trainers spend thousands on their dogs – they spend thousands in the event of an injury to have any ailment sorted out.

“Then, the dogs come here and find their forever home – they simply make lovely pets.”

John Gilburn, managing director at Owlerton Stadium, said: “The scheme and partnership we have with the Greyhound Trust Sheffield is fantastic, and sums up everything that’s great about the greyhound racing industry.

“These are not dogs that are merely bred to race; they enjoy what they do and when their time on the track comes to an end, the Trust is there to take them in, continue their care and find them a loving home.”

For more from the Greyhound Trust Sheffield, check out our video below.