#HRM20: A genuinely fantastic place to be!

#HRM20: A genuinely fantastic place to be!

Earning your stripes and gaining experience is crucial, in any industry. That much is obvious. But after sitting through lecture after lecture, seminar after seminar at university, as a young, fresh-faced student you never realise quite how crucial it really is.

And there’s nothing more important to building a career in the media – be it journalism in any form, PR or communications – than experience. Which is where HR Media comes in.

Fast forward four years, and the vital experience I’ve gained since first joining HR Media as a final-year intern in 2014 is starting to pay dividends.

When I first set foot in 59 Shoreham Street, I knew very little, if anything, about PR. And though I studied journalism, in reality I knew nothing of the ‘real world’ of work.

There’s no quicker and more effective way of learning your trade in this industry than being given a platform to learn on the job, and there can be few better places to have done that than at HRM.

I wasn’t exactly thrown in at the deep end during my internship, but those nine months spent coming in once a week prepared me for when the opportunity did arise and I was taken onto the payroll. I received my first paypacket for doing a job that, at the end of the day, I loved doing, which in today’s day, is gold dust.

And that’s stuck with me. The days when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning have been very few and far between. There can be very few places that offer the job satisfaction that working at HRM does.

That’s a huge thing in today’s society where money is everything and you’re deemed a failure if you’re earning less than your peers.

To start with, the job itself is so fast-paced and varied that there is quite literally never a dull moment. From straightforward research tasks, to drafting press releases, writing news stories and features, developing relationships between clients and the media, to video work and social media management and even graphic design, plus much more besides, the range of tasks which, day-to-day, we do at HRM is quite probably unrivalled, particularly in PR realms.

However, I feel that most important is the extremely close-knit team environment which has been built and developed over the years. It makes HRM special and a genuinely fantastic place to be, with support offered at every corner, no matter how busy the office is or how much people have on their plates.

That same support means you can afford to smile even at the toughest of times, and it’s hard not to crack a joke even when laughing is the last thing some might feel like doing.

And that’s what makes HRM great, and, at the end of the day is the reason why people stay here for 10, 12, 15 years or more.

Going back to my initial point about progression, growth and the ability to learn, there can be no better environment in which to learn than one where everyone is approachable and you can ask questions – whether that’s in an office environment, out and about or even after work in the pub!

That’s testament to the hard work of those who have built HRM and the reason it’s still the fantastic business it is today, 20 years on.