#HRM20: Throwback to three busy years

#HRM20: Throwback to three busy years

Relocating to Sheffield was quite a big move for me. Although it’s not ridiculously far from my friends and family in the South, it meant getting to know a completely new city, region and way of life. When I decided I was ready to make the move from South to North, my main priority was finding a job which would continue to inspire and challenge me – and to make sure it was somewhere I could settle and be happy. This is where HR Media comes in!

I researched for a long time, looking at options all over the region. With experience working on a variety of clients and campaigns in London, when I spied HR Media I knew this was where I wanted to be. The agency stood out, attracting me with an interesting range of clients and strong credentials.

I remember so well the interview I had, and getting the call to say I’d got the job. Although nervous, I was mostly excited as I knew it was the right place to be and now I could prepare to make the move.

Now, nearly three years on, that all feels like a distant memory. I still use Google Maps (more often that I should by now!) to get around, and I learn new things about the area every day – but that’s what I love.

HR Media has kept me very busy over the last few years – it has certainly lived up to my expectations in terms of keeping me inspired and challenged.

My clients are all health related now which I’m really enjoying – I find myself researching and writing about the most topical issues in healthcare which affect everyone in the UK every day.

I’ve been lucky to work with inspirational Olympians, Paralympians, elite sports people, and those at the very forefront of healthcare, pushing the UK forward in terms of medicine, care and wellbeing.

In my role I’m also continuously meeting new people and businesses from around the region, always learning more about the make-up of Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Most importantly, I have made some very firm friends. When thinking about what to write for this blog and what stands out for me about HR Media, the first things that came to my mind were: the people, the team, the support.

No matter what happens, the team is always there, and I feel very fortunate to have landed myself in such a strong group of friends.

My work and life in Sheffield feels like an ongoing adventure. I’m always exploring new areas and learning new things, but that’s exactly what I want.

I’m still very much a Southerner living in the North. I rarely feel warm between September and July and forgot to make gravy when I baked a pie the other week (apparently that is a heinous crime up here!), but HR Media has played a huge part in helping to make Sheffield my home.

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