#HRM20: Travelling to my PR destination!

#HRM20: Travelling to my PR destination!

This time last year I was in Thailand traveling around South East Asia – it didn’t even cross my mind that a year later I would have been lucky enough to land my dream job.

I started at HR Media in October 2017 after coming back from three months traveling. As a former journalism student, I’d been offered the chance to come in and do some work experience to see if PR was something I was interested in pursuing.

The two weeks I was there on work experience absolutely flew by. I would look at the clock expecting it to say 1pm and It would be 4:30pm – nearly time to head home.

At the end of the two weeks when asked if I would be interested in working on a freelance basis, I didn’t think twice…I accepted the offer straight away and couldn’t wait for my first day back at HRM HQ!

Working at HR Media with such a fun, intelligent, vibrant team is an absolute pleasure. Whether it’s helping you out with some headline inspiration, brainstorming campaign ideas or having a bit of office banter, someone is always there to help and I consider myself lucky to be a part of the team dynamic.

At the start of 2018, I was offered the position of Junior Account Executive and it couldn’t have started off my year any better. Now I work building up relationships regularly with clients such as DoordealsCopthorne Hotel and 18Fifty5 restaurant and Redbrik Estate Agents.

From social media, to filming, to writing press releases this job allows you to be creative and to produce something different each day.

I realise I have come a long way since graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a Journalism degree, and I feel like now I have finally found what I love doing – and a place I love working at.