HRM’s New Year’s Resolutions

HRM’s New Year’s Resolutions

​With 2018 here, the office has been buzzing with talk of the goals we’d like to achieve.

From quitting bad habits to doing more, we all want to better ourselves so, without further ado, here are our resolutions.

Martin Ross, Managing Director

Stop suffering injuries!

Richard Fidler, Account Director

Read more books! I love reading but for some reason I don’t regularly have a book on the go. I’ll have to change that in 2018…

Allie Dransfield, Senior Account Manager

Mine is to live in the moment more. As a busy working mummy, I spend so much time thinking about what I am doing next or what I have got to do later that sometimes I forget to enjoy what is happening in the here and now. I am really going to try and appreciate every moment in 2018 and not be constantly planning every second of my life!

Ellie Morell, Account Manager

My new year’s resolution is to go on a photography course. I’ve got a really good camera but don’t use it nearly enough, and I love taking pics but would like to learn more skills. I’m going to try and get on a course and then take part in the Sheffield Photo Marathon – I can’t wait.

Jill Theobald, Copywriter and Content Editor

I need to go the cinema more often. I love films and rent a lot of movies on DVD from the library … usually because I missed them first time around on the big screen. We’ve got some great cinemas in Sheffield including Curzon, The Showroom and The Light and I need to make the most of them!

Laura Metcalfe, Account Executive

Volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust, a charity that helps the elderly and the terminally ill by caring for their pets where they’re no longer able. I've been wanting to do some volunteer work for some time so I'm looking forward to taking this up in the new year.

Joe Bamford, Account Executive

Enter the Sheffield Half Marathon – and this time train properly, aiming to shave nearly 30 mins off my time from last year!  

Izzy Buffin, Junior Account Executive

My resolution is to try and finally get out of my overdraft and be more careful with money and not spend it on silly things!

Lucy Bloor, Junior Account Executive

I’m always rubbish at making New Year’s Resolutions but I’d say for 2018 I need to venture back home more to see my family and friends.

Cruize Delaney, Digital Consultant

My New Year's Resolution is to stop using Uber.