​A lifechanging experience

​A lifechanging experience

Over the last year I’ve had the best experience at HR Media. They have provided me with such amazing opportunities that I will never forget and that I will always be grateful for.

My journey with HR Media began last summer. I had just finished my undergraduate degree in public relations and really wanted to get a placement over the summer before I started my master’s degree in journalism.

I remember being interviewed for the internship, hearing about their clients and what the placement would involve. I instantly knew that I wanted to get it, which was why I was so happy when I got the email saying I’d been successful.

On the first day I was so nervous. I’d never done anything like this before, so I had no idea what to expect. I had no reason to worry though as I was instantly made to feel at ease and a valued member of the team. I started that day with first day nerves and finished feeling excited for the summer ahead.

And what a great summer I had! I got to work on such a wide range of tasks – even braving the pouring rain to go to the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane stadium.

I really didn’t want the internship to end, which was why I was thrilled when HR Media asked me to stay on, working as a freelance consultant on my days off from University.

After a few weeks off and a holiday in Rome, it was great to be back – it was like I’d never left. My timetable allowed me to be in the office one or two days a week, and I still felt like a valued part of the team. I was given more great tasks … including writing about my visit to Rome! This was for unLTD Business, the magazine HR Media has launched in partnership with Exposed – and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling of seeing my name printed in the magazine!

It has truly been a rewarding experience and I am so grateful to everyone at HR Media for giving me this amazing opportunity and believing in me. I have learnt so much from my time here and have grown as a person. HR Media has allowed me to build my confidence and improve my writing all while in a fun and friendly environment.

So, a big thank you – it truly has been a lifechanging experience! I will miss them all as they are such a great team! 

By Lucy Bloor