Motion graphics get Redbrik on the move

Motion graphics get Redbrik on the move

​After being tasked with creating a video to promote Redbrik’s latest charitable initiative, it’s safe to say we got very animated!

Motion graphics are proving more and more popular with our clients as a way of getting information out which is fun and engaging.

And we are always evolving and enhancing our work with Redbrik. So when the estate agents announced they were donating a share of £2,500 to five local sports teams and community organisations we created a video full of animation.

HRM’s video and creative manager Simon Waller said: “The original plan was to do a 'talking head' style piece into camera explaining the project, but we felt we wanted to be a little more creative than that.

“We pitched the creation of a motion graphic which would be far more entertaining and shareable. We used the same style characters as we do in the Redbrik magazine and kept the animation simple and bright.”

The video was viewed more than 3,000 times on Facebook alone - watch it below: 

If you’d like more information on our video and motion graphic work, please contact [email protected]