New home, new neighbours

New home, new neighbours

​Our new office is surrounded by some of the best social spots Sheffield has to offer. Walk just five minutes in any direction and you’ll find somewhere fantastic – from coffee shops to eateries, top places to socialise to shops.

We’ll be sharing the building with friend and client of HRM, Redbrik Estate Agents, who we already have a great working relationship with. It’s going to be a very exciting time for both companies and we’re delighted to officially be neighbours!

Just across the courtyard is the lovely Birdhouse, serving up their famous teas, coffees, cocktails and delectable cakes. We will undoubtedly be holding many of our work meetings there from now on.

There’s an array of fantastic coffee shops and eateries nearby, including ​​Tamper, The Holt, Street Food Chef and an HRM favourite, Tilly’s for a belly-busting sandwich!

The Rutland Arms has become one of our favourite places for an after-work drink (or three!) and a Rutty Butty.

Being in the Cultural Industries Quarter means we have some wonderful arts venues on our doorstep - round one corner is the newly revamped and re-opened Site Gallery and the Showroom Cinema.

And a stone’s throw around the other corner are 99 Mary Street and B&B Gallery where designers and artists host their latest exhibitions.

Just up the road is The Moor, which is undergoing a brilliant transformation and already got loads of exciting things to offer. Like The Light Cinema, which is beautiful inside and even includes reclining seats, and The Moor Market.

Sheffield is a brilliant city for students, with Sheffield Hallam University located right in the city centre. We have worked closely with the university over the years, with many students joining HR Media as part of our work experience initiative.

Just across the road from us is Gatecrasher, former home to the famous nightclub which was sadly destroyed by fire in 2007. Now the site has been redeveloped as student housing by City Estates, with reference to its musical heritage seen throughout.

The latest addition to the Sheffield skyline, New Era Square, has been dubbed as Sheffield’s Chinatown and is a fantastic new student accommodation building.

Just next door to us is FindAUniversity, a friendly team of people helping students make their next move in education.

There are so many things to love about Sheffield and we are excited to be so close to all these amazing places!