New products set for launch

New products set for launch

​Print is dead, they say. Well there’s no doubt that people’s appetite to buy printed newspapers – with a few exceptions – is diminishing.

However, to every rule there are always exceptions and we think it is wrong to write off a whole section of the media as ‘yesterday’s news’.

Everything has its place, and while creating Instagram stories or motion graphics for social media feeds may feel more cutting edge, our job is to communicate our clients message to their customers or stakeholders using all the tools at our disposal.

This means that we’re always looking at new opportunities or ways of making use of existing print publications.

Recently we have partnered with The Star newspaper to tell the very best community stories from across SIV’s sporting venues. The work SIV do to provide sport and health services to the people of Sheffield, particularly in the area of GP referral, is incredibly important and The Star’s readership was the best medium to get this message across.

We also have exciting news about two new print products we are launching.

The first is a quarterly lifestyle and property publication with Redbrik, one of the region’s leading estate and letting agents. The magazine will be distributed to prospective Redbrik vendors and throughout selected venues in Sheffield and North Derbyshire.

And the second is a bi-monthly business publication for the Sheffield city region, which we are working on with Blind Mice Media – the people behind the hugely successful Exposed entertainment guide.

Both publications will be hitting the streets this autumn so keep an eye out for further details!