Watch this (White)space for broadband boost

Watch this (White)space for broadband boost

We’re really pleased to announce we are supporting a Sheffield-based company with a PR campaign to support the roll-out of a ground-breaking project.

Whitespace Technology is pioneering a new approach to deliver high-speed broadband to UK homes and businesses struggling with connectivity.

Adapting the commercial use of the TV Whitespace (TVWS) technology by repurposing TV frequencies freed up following the switch from analogue to digital TV, means high-speed connectivity for speed-challenged areas of the UK is now possible.

It is utilising 20th century technology, updated for use in the 21st century for social housing projects in Scotland, England (rural counties) and Wales (where Whitespace is working closely with regional councils and the Welsh Assembly),

Currently 1.5m UK properties have either no broadband connection or receive a service which delivers less than 10 Mbps.Almost 5 million don’t have access to superfast broadband – 30 Mbps, but that is about to change.

Whitespace, based at the Innovation Centre in Portobello, Sheffield, exploits the gaps in the old TV wireless spectrum – ‘whitespace’ – which became available following the big digital TV switchover.

The Whitespace team has spent the last two years rigorously testing the service in some of the most challenging areas in the UK and is now deploying the solution, aiming to connect more than 20,000 properties to the service nationally over the next two years.

Behind Whitespace are founder and Chief Executive Mark Wheeler and Chief Operating Officer Mark Kelly (both former senior team members with Sheffield telecoms company plusnet). The Chairman is well-known Sheffield businessman Steve Thomas. Meanwhile, the specially-designed aerials are being manufactured in Sheffield in a partnership with the well-established city-based business of Blake UK Ltd.

Mark said: “The affordable approach, which avoids the cost of complex infrastructure and digging up roads and footpaths, is very much ‘Made in Sheffield’.”

HRM managing director Martin Ross said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Whitespace on a PR campaign to raise the profile of the company and its ground-breaking services.

“The company is already seeing huge demand for the service and we’re pleased to be playing our part in showcasing this technology which can be truly transformative for so many areas across the UK and well beyond.”