What’s worth doing is always daunting

What’s worth doing is always daunting

By Rachel Measures

Sat at home bored. On my own. Writing the occasional blog post. Watching television shows. On repeat. Dull. Dull... Zzzz.

That was what last summer was for me. What a waste of all that free time! I knew I had to avoid that this year, so I started early on, back in December, getting myself motivated. I made my own website, and set up my LinkedIn. Then I started applying to jobs and emailing companies to find work experience placements to fill my summer up with, to keep me busy, to get me feeling productive and ultimately to get me to experience the industry that I want to work in. This led me to HR Media.

I am a second-year Sheffield Hallam University student studying one of the most stereotyped courses: Media. The course that everyone has an opinion of and simultaneously thinks they know loads about but also, one that makes them turn around and say ‘but what is media?’

Good question, and it’s still something I am struggling to define now. With BA Media being largely theoretical and very wide-ranging, I have found it difficult to pin down exactly what I want to do, not just for after graduation but for the next 60 years of my life. So, what are my options? TV? I don’t think I could put my face on everyone’s screens. Radio? I don’t think audio is for me. Film? Maybe… Photography? I love it but is it more of a hobby? Journalism? What a scary industry that seems… Social Media? Getting warmer! Writing? Yes! But what?

Cue HR Media metaphorically running to my rescue. Prestigious award winning HR Media is one of Yorkshire’s leading PR agencies and though, they were kind enough to answer my emails, invite me for an interview and offer me a week placement, it was a pretty daunting place to walk into. Exciting, sure, but very daunting. But like the end of every good story… Why did I even worry? The close-knit team were incredibly welcoming and incredibly friendly treating me as one of the team right from the get-go! (That was one of the reasons they deserved chocolate on my last day).

I never felt like the work experience girl in the corner, sent to make tea and coffee, left to read over the company’s website or gander at some press releases for a week. I never felt bored or that I was acting as a major frustration to the people looking after me. Instead, I felt like a valuable member of the team, albeit a short-term member, who was an extra pair of hands or an extra brain, to do research, writing and brainstorming, for whoever needed me to throughout the week.

While some people feel reassured by PR’s similarity to journalism, I’ve been reassured that it is different, because where I doubted journalism, I haven’t PR and it sits comfortably with me instead. As such, everything I have done over the week has been a mixture of the things that I like and the areas, I’m learning, that I have strengths in… like social media, research and writing! I’m starting to find the jigsaw pieces of my future career fitting in and making sense and that is incredibly exciting.

I have had the most interesting and fun week supported by the HR Media team. I have learnt that I would feel comfortable working in PR and that I could see myself doing so for the next 60 or so years - what a scary, but exciting thought! Therefore, I must say a massive thank you to HR Media for providing me with an incredible opportunity and for simply letting me have a go!